In March of 2012, I was asked to teach a class on “The Trinity.” I mistakenly thought I was prepared because I have taught on and witnessed to Jehovah’s Witnesses before and have written an essay and a short “cheat sheet” showing how to defend the doctrine of “The Trinity” from the Bible.

But instead of teaching on “how to defend the Trinity,” I was asked to teach on “why it matters” that our God is Triune. What difference does it make to the single mom, or the young man struggling with his future, or the teen considering suicide?

I had never considered “why it matters” that our God is Triune. God taught me so much while I was preparing to teach that class! And I think it was the most important teaching I have ever done. (And it wasn’t even about evangelism!)

Please feel free to watch the whole teaching online below:

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Why It Matters that Our God is Triune

(1 hour, 18 min’s, 51 sec’s)

Please feel free to download the notes to this teaching at:

For an in-depth analysis showing from the Scriptures that the teaching of the Trinity is Biblical, please feel free to download the essay, “Jesus Christ, God, and the Bible” at:

And a “cheat sheet” demonstrating from the Bible the doctrine of the Trinity called “Why You Should Believe in the Trinity” is available at:

May our God bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and for the glory of the Father!