There are at least two good reasons to believe in God:

  1. The Creation.
  2. The Conscience.

The Creation:

Please imagine for a moment that you’re in a museum and you’re admiring a painting. How do you know for sure that a painter existed?

Is it possible that the painting came about through paint randomly splattering on the canvas without an artist’s intervention? Of course not!

Even though you don’t know who the painter is, and you don’t know if he or she is even alive, you know that there was a painter because the painting itself is the proof!

Now consider the museum building. Can you know for sure that there was ever a builder for the building? Of course you can. The building itself is proof that there was a builder.

In the same way, when we look at creation, it screams to us that there was a Creator. The creation itself bears witness to the fact that God exists. When we watch a baby being born, or when we study the stars, or when we consider the interaction between a bee and a flower, we must conclude that a great God created all of this. Every painting has a painter, and every building has a builder. Creation has a Creator.

The Bible sums this concept up this way, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1).

In other words, the creation itself demonstrates to us that there is a Creator.

The Conscience:

Not only has God given us the creation as evidence for His existence, but He has given us a conscience as well. Consider your conscience. It’s the part in side of us that tells us that we have done wrong. This can not be explained outside of a Theistic worldview.

Please take a moment to listen to your conscience. The word comes from “con” which means “with” and “science” which means “knowledge.” “Conscience” literally means “with knowledge” and when you and I do wrong things, we do it “with knowledge” that what we’re doing is wrong. Yet we do it anyway. The Bible calls that “sin” and that’s precisely why it is not enough to merely believe in a “higher power” or mentally assent to believing in some sort of God.

The Bible teaches that we must be a Christian. Sound harsh? Please read the next page, called “Why Jesus?” which you can read by clicking here.