Welcome to our “Video” page. We hope you find something that will be a blessing to you. The videos have been organized into the following categories:

Open-Air Messages:

“The Titanic at the Playground”:

Mark presents the gospel to a group of young people from pre-school into adulthood. This message is based on the famous ship, the Titanic, and was filmed at a playground in Berlin, NH. This was a fun afternoon because whether people were skateboarding, or riding their bikes, or playing basketball, or playing on the swing set, they all stopped what they were doing to gather around.

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“To Whom Do You Turn – a Brain Teaser at Harvard”:

In this video Mark makes use of a brain-teaser puzzle to transition into a gospel message. This was filmed at the historic “Harvard Square” in the heart of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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“True Facts – 3 Things We All Know For Sure!”:

Mark describes three “facts” we all know for sure, and uses that to transition into a gospel message.

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“Solve This Riddle – The Story of Harvey”:

This is a classic Open Air Campaigners message about a fictional man named “Harvey.” That guy has drowned and frozen to death for the sake of the gospel more times than anyone can count! This is a fun teaching with an important message.

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“Heaven – A Gospel Message for Children”:

Mark presents a message about “Heaven” and what the Bible says about how to get there. This message was presented to a dozen children. Mark makes use of a paint board to communicate this essential message.

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“Subway Station Open Air Preaching”:

How do we share the gospel during the winter when it’s cold and people don’t gather outside? One way is to preach in the subways of Boston. Every three minutes there’s a new group of people who God wants to hear the great news of salvation in Christ. Everyone from Bible-believing Christians, to Atheists, to Muslims, to Buddhists, and every other belief system can be found in abundance in the subways. It’s a great mission field!

Here Mark has to keep the gospel message to under three minutes.

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“Are You Going To Win the Race?” ~ A Gospel Message Delivered During the Super Bowl Half-Time:

Mark was invited to share the gospel at his church’s Super Bowl Outreach. Since the Apostle Paul used the image of “runners running a race” in the Scriptures, Mark used that to deliver a message on how to win the eternal prize of being cleansed from our sins.

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“What Jesus Does” ~ A Gospel Lesson from Man’s Best Friend:

Mark was invited to deliver a Bible message at an “assisted living center.” He was excited to do it because God cares about all people, and has a special place in His heart for the widows and widowers. He used his paint board to tell a true story that happened to a friend of his when he was a boy and had a puppy. This true story is an appropriate illustration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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“Believe What God Said” ~ A Christmas Gospel Message:

Mark was asked by his local church to present a Christmas-themed gospel message with his paint board 6 times in 4 hours during a holiday outreach. This is the message from the event. It is entitled “Believe What God Said.”

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“Look to Jesus and Live” ~ Moses and the Fiery Serpents:

Mark was invited by Bangor Baptist Church to participate in their Halloween “Trunk-or-Treat” evangelism outreach. This message, based on Numbers, chapter 21, was recorded at that event.

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“The Titanic at the University”:

Mark presents the gospel to a large group of students at the University of New Hampshire. The message is based on the tragedy of the Titanic. Since this was presented at night, it was painted with fluorescent paint and was illuminated with a “black light” so it would be visible in the dark.


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“Believe What God Said” ~ Pastor Juan Saa:

Mark’s local church had a Christmas outreach where they presented a Christmas-themed gospel message 6 times in 4 hours. A BIG part of Mark’s ministry is training, equipping, and encouraging others to share their faith, so it is with GREAT PLEASURE that Mark’s friend and Pastor, Juan Saa, presented one of the messages. Pastor Juan is of course an experienced speaker and very familiar with the gospel message, but this was his very first time using the paint board, and he did a SUPERB job (even if he did go over the allotted time a tinge – he he he). If you or your church would like Mark to come help you or be a part of your outreach, please contact him. And why not stop by Pastor Juan’s Church website and drop him an encouraging note about what a great job he did! God uses him big-time!!! 🙂

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“Believe What God Said” ~ Ultraviolet Version:

Sometimes people ask how we preach at night when it gets dark, and one of the ways we do that is by using florescent paint under an ultraviolet (UV) light.

In this presentation, please notice that in the few minutes that Mark was speaking, the sky had darkened, making the UV light all-the-more valuable for the audience to see.

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Heaven Message:

Mark uses the sketch board to teach a gospel messages called “Heaven” with a group of children in a Boston neighborhood.

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Object Lessons:

The Chemical Cross – a Scientific Gospel Illustration:

“The Chemical Cross” is a fun and effective gospel illustration that uses common chemicals to explain the very uncommon gospel of Jesus Christ!

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God’s Heart for the Lost – a sermon from Luke, Chapter 15:

This sermon comes from the gospel of Luke, chapter 15, where Jesus rebukes the religious leaders because they thought there were some people who were beneath them. To correct them, Jesus told three parables: The Parable of the Lost Sheep, The Parable of the Lost Coin, and The Parable of the Prodigal Son. And in so doing, He gave us a picture of the heart of God for the lost.

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Jesus Cleans Us: a sermon about a woman with a blood issue for 12 years:

Imagine being ill for 12 years and the despair of, not only suffering through your disease for so long, but the added pain that even your family would not hug you, hold your hand, or even touch you. In the time of Jesus, this is how women with any bleeding issues were treated. They were considered “unclean” and untouchable.

This sermon is from Mark 5, where Jesus encounters a woman who had constant bleeding for 12 years. Jesus forever changed this woman’s life in the way he responded to her. All of us are “unclean” in God’s eyes, and like the woman in Mark 5, we’ll see that we need the cleansing only God can give when we reach out to Jesus.

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Why It Matters That Our God is Triune:

In March of 2012, I was asked to teach a class on “The Trinity.” I mistakenly thought I was prepared because I have taught on and witnessed to Jehovah’s Witnesses before and have written an essay and a short “cheat sheet” showing how to defend the doctrine of “The Trinity” from the Bible.

But instead of teaching on “how to defend the Trinity,” I was asked to teach on “why it matters” that our God is Triune. What difference does it make to the single mom, or the young man struggling with his future, or the teen considering suicide?

I had never considered “why it matters” that our God is Triune. God taught me so much while I was preparing to teach that class! And I think it was the most important teaching I have ever done. (And it wasn’t even about evangelism!)

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Evangelism Teaching:

Training – “The Gospel of Evangelism”:

The word “gospel” literally means “Good News,” and the word “evangelism” literally means “to bring good news.” It is good news for us to bring the good news to others.

One of my biggest passions is to “let the secret out” that sharing our faith is good news for us Christians! It makes me sad that some of my brothers and sisters in Christ view evangelism like having to kiss their Aunt Edna on Thanksgiving. They know it’s the right thing to do, but they wish it would get over with quickly.

I believe that God’s call for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with strangers is “good news” not only for the strangers, but for us too. We experience the pleasure of God, and there’s nothing like that. In the following video I try to encourage and equip Christians to make evangelism a lifestyle. I address overcoming fear, the place of training, and not acting like bad examples we’ve seen. I also give practical tools we can all use to speak to the lost about Jesus Christ.

I hope this video is a blessing to you!

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Training – “Believe What God Said”:

Mark was asked by his local church to present a Christmas-themed gospel message with his paint board 8 times in 4 hours during a holiday outreach. He and his Pastor thought it would be better if a few others at the church also had a chance to present the gospel, so this video was primarily made for them to watch so they can prepare for the outreach. Of course anyone is welcome to watch this video and it would be GREAT if other Christians used this message in their evangelism during Christmas!

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A Jew and His God – How a Jewish Man Came to Believe that Jesus is the Messiah:

Mark is a Jew who believes in Jesus. Do you consider that strange? How does a Jewish man who once attacked those who believe in the Bible come to believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah? Whether you’re a believer or not, before you form an opinion, please listen to Mark’s story.

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The Gospel According to Moses:

The Biblical holiday “Passover” is all about Jesus! (Even though the events took place 1,300 years before Jesus came to earth. The following sermon is entitled “The Gospel According to Moses” and in it I point out some of the many clear references to Jesus Christ in the Passover. The gospel message is found all over the Hebrew Scriptures, especially in the Passover.

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Highlights from a Passover Seder:

This video contains highlights from a Passover Seder I had the privilege of leading in April of 2006. What’s a “Seder?” Great question! A Seder (pronounced “say-der”) is the meal and ceremony that Jewish pepole attend to commemorate God’s redemption of our ancestors from slavery in Egypt. But the Seder is not just for Jews. It has clear prophetic significance to the coming Messiah. The story of Jesus is found all throughout the Seder, and that makes Passover an exciting and relevant holiday for both Jews and Gentiles who know Jesus the Messiah.

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Preparing “The Titanic” Message in 2 and a Half Minutes:

Mark demonstrates how to prepare one of the messages he uses on the streets. And can you believe he does it in 2 and a half minutes? You’ll have to see! 😉

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“He Is Risen! He Has Conquered the Grave!” Kids Worship:

The children of LifeWay Church in Derry NH (http://LifeWayChurch.net) celebrate the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ with music, dancing, and sign language. This clip focuses a bit on one child, Gabriella Sohmer. Hey, she’s my daughter after all!!! I thank God for Miss Marcey, Miss Beth, Pastor Juan, and the many others who help our children learn to praise Jesus. This was recorded on Resurrection Sunday, 2011.

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“Set a Fire” Teen Worship:

The Teen Youth Group of LifeWay Church in Derry NH (http://LifeWayChurch.net) attended the “Brave Generation: Foundations” Conference on April 20-21, 2012. When they came back, they blessed us by leading us in one of the songs they learned there. This was recorded on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

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Vivienne Joy – the first two years:

Our lives changed forever for the good back in March of 1999. Jesus brought a beautiful baby girl into this world, Vivienne Joy. I made this video for her years ago to chronicle her first two years. Now this teensy premie is a teenager! This is the very first video I ever made, fiddling around with Adobe Premier, but it is fun to watch and remember those early days with Vivienne so long ago. I hope this video blesses you as well. Vivienne is a remarkable young lady, and we thank Jesus Christ for her every day!

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Juliana Eden – the first 2 years:

On Valentine’s Day, 2001, we received one of the most marvelous gifts… a beautiful baby girl, Juliana Eden. I made this video for her years ago to chronicle her first two years. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 10 years later now. What hasn’t changed is what a blessing this young lady is. She is a gift from Jesus Himself.

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Caleb Moshe – the first 3 years:

After having given us two baby girls, God thought it would be fun to stir things up with a boy – and that’s exactly what happened in April of 2003! Mark made this video for Caleb when he was just about to turn three-years-old. God blessed us so much with a great kid! “Caleb” means “bold and compassionate” and this child of ours embodies both of those. Not only does he take on life with vigor, but he has a very tender and caring heart, and we thank Jesus for him every day! We hope this video blesses you as well!

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Gabriella Danielle Li Ying – the first 4 years:

In June of 2006 we traveled to the other side of the world and our lives changed forever. “On paper” it appears as though we adopted our precious daughter Gabriella through Social Workers, and US Immigration Officials, and Officials in China. But we know better. We know God determiined before the foundation of the world that He would knit together our specific family in the United States with this specific baby girl in Xanxii Province China at that perfect time. Jesus Himself determined it and the Holy Spirit directed all the events so that the perfect will of God the Father would come to pass.

As we have come to know this amazing daughter of ours, we have discovered how funny she is, and how musical, and how scary-smart. Gabriella is excited to pray and talk about God and the Bible. She loves to sing and dance, and be goofy, and keep up with her big brother in whatever it is he’s doing. God used an amazing little girl from the other side of the world to have a life-changing impact on us for the better!

From time to time people will tell us how lucky Gabriella is because we adopted her, but we hope this video, which captures her up to age 4 and a half, will show how blessed we are for having her in our family. And we’ll love her forever.

For the glory of Jesus Christ,
The Sohmer Family

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Journey to Gabriella Danielle Li Ying:

In December of 2004, we sent in a preliminary adoption application, and that started a chain of events that God Himself planned before the beginning of the world. In June of 2006, we traveled to the other side of the world to adopt a precious baby girl.

Shortly after we adopted Gabriella, we made a movie chronicling the amazing journey to bring her home. This whole video was Shelby’s idea. She picked out the song. She envisioned how it ought to be directed. It was her idea to have the first part be about Gabriella in China before the adoption, the second part be about us going to get her, and the rest be about “gotcha day” and beyond. It was also her idea for it to be black and white.

We hope you enjoy this video and that it is a blessing to you!

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Happy 6th Birthday Gabriella – from LifeWay Church!!!:

Every Wednesday night, our church, LifeWay Church in Derry NH (http://LifeWayChurch.net) meets for prayer. Since it was the night before Gabriella’s birthday, Pastor Juan brought Gabriella up front for everyone to sing to her! The results are adorable and very special!!! 🙂

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Videos by Others:

How to Witness to 4 Types of People:

This is a 7-minute clip from Bible teacher Ray Comfort, where he teaches the audience how to witness to 4 different types of people. In his characteristic wit and humor, Comfort will make the case that you don’t need to memorize facts about each cult or religion, but Biblically use the Law of God to bring about conviction of sin. I HIGHLY recommend watching this video! This is a clip from the excellent sermon “True and False Conversions” which you can download for free at: http://www.livingwaters.com/audio/way-of-the-master/true-and-false-conversion.

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Funny Man Jeff Allen Gets Serious – Drugs, Alcohol, and Jesus:

This is an amazing story of God’s grace. In this video, Jeff Allen, who is usually known for being very funny, gets very serious. He shows brave vulnerability in sharing what he has done before coming to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. Please take the time to watch this video. It might not be appropriate for children. There are no swears, but the content is very heavy. One thing that I really like about this video is that God used the book of Ecclesiastes to bring Jeff to salvation. Being candid, I must admit that I don’t think of Ecclesiastes as one of the top books of the Bible I would share with a non-Christian to bring them to faith, but it goes to show that “the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12), and “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). The “All” in that sentence means ALL! Praise God!

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10-Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings “Open the Eyes of my Heart”:

Christopher Duffley is an amazing kid with an AMAZING God! Born premature, blind, and autistic, Christopher was adopted by his parents before they realized God has gifted this young fellow with the gift of music!

This recording is from the 2011 “New Hampshire Night of Worship” celebration where followers of Christ from all over the State gathered in the Capital City to sing praises to Jesus Christ! The venue held 1,300 people, but so many people came that people had to stand in an overflow room!

This was a corporate singing time – no soloists. There was one exceptional exception, and here’s the video of his singing praise to God.

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