Posted on Sep 07 , 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

Working as the Youth Pastor at Camp is always wonderful, and this year was no different.

I’ll do my best to share what happened so you can be a part of the amazing ways God moved.

You’d think that at a “Christian Camp,” we’d get kids that “have it all together.”

That’s not the case at all!

About 1/3 of the kids come from homes where they do not attend church. For them, this week at camp is all they get for learning about who God is, who God says they are, their need for salvation, and how to become a child of God.

Many of the kids, and teen staff, shared with me about their broken homes, the hurts of divorce, and abuse.

As Youth Pastor, it is my privilege to preach 11 times each week:

  • A 5-Day Series on “The Gospel Through the Life of Moses,”
  • A 5-Day Series on “The Early Years of Jesus,”
  • A stand-alone evangelistic Bible message to close out the week.

These messages are very powerful because they’re right from the Scriptures. I believe that kids are very intelligent and can understand Theology if it is explained to them, and that was definitely the case this summer. So many kids reacted so positively to the Word of God and the Gospel Proclamation!

Over 60 kids, plus a dozen+ Teen Counselors attended camp the weeks I taught there.

A number of kids publicly testified to repenting of their sin and trusting in Jesus as their Savior! Praise God!

Many more confessed to not living the Christian life they should and committed to turning from idols in their lives. Please keep these new brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers, and let’s praise God for the tremendous work He’s done!!!

One BIG highlight was a 9-year-old young girl named Delilah. I had the honor of giving her her very own Bible (a purple one!). I asked if she or her Mom had one, and Delilah told me that her Mom lost hers. She was so happy to get her own purple Bible. But not as happy as me to give it to her!

I’m also really proud of Shelby and the kiddos. Shelby once again helped run the Horsemanship program. A lot of kids come to camp just to be with the horses, so this is a great draw. Shelby helped lead devotions for the Horse Staff, and did a lot of physical labor carrying around hay, saddles, buckets, etc. Vivienne also helped with the horses, and was a Counselor. Juliana spent a week as a Counselor as well. Caleb volunteered as a “Staff Boy,” where he did jobs like mowing the lawn, getting rid of garbage, etc. As for Gabriella, well, she’s still young enough to enjoy being a camper!

If you have 7 minutes, please check out this ENCOURAGING testimony of how God used a 13-year-old girl, and His Word, to answer my prayer against discouragement.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1)

God’s Word is powerful because God is powerful!!!

I have some photos that will also show how God moved at camp this summer. I pray you enjoy these…

This was my very first time teaching the complete “Moses” series, so I had it recorded. Unfortunately, the lighting and tripod position wasn’t great for the first three.
Its not terrible, but not ideal either. If you only want to watch one of them, then I think the 5th one is the one to watch.

Moses Series Part 1

Moses Series Part 2

Moses Series Part 3

Moses Series Part 4

Moses Series Part 5


I really do believe that kids are smart and can understand good Theology. Below are “Before” and “After” photos from the 5-Part Moses Series, with descriptions of each one. Feel free to check them out to get a feel for what the kids learned.

The Gospel Through the Life of Moses

I hope this post has encouraged you. God is working in the next generation!!!

Thank you for your partnership, prayers, and financial support, without which we could not be reaching the lost for Jesus Christ!!!

Please share this update with others you think would be blessed by it!

all for Jesus,

Mark (and family)

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  1. Alice

    1 month ago

    Praise the Lord for Kerrigan! Thank you for sharing your Bible verses. They encouraged me too!

  2. Mark

    1 month ago

    Kerrigan was terrific! 🙂

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