Posted on Jun 13 , 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

One of my favorite parts of the ministry is building up the Church to be more effective evangelists!

I LOVE it when local Churches send teams to train with us and go out to put what we’ve learned into practice!

Probably the best way to be trained and gain experience is to spend the week with us on a Mission Trip, but also valuable is a one-day Evangelism Training Day.

We had one of these a few Saturdays ago. A team from a nearby Church spent the day with us.

In the morning, Eric and I taught the team the following:

  • learned practical Evangelism and street Apologetics
  • how to run an impromptu Kids Bible Club in a neighborhood
  • teach a Bible Song to kids
  • lead a Bible Verse “hangman puzzle” with kids
  • share Christ one-on-one with a kid
  • sometimes a Church Member will learn how to paint up and deliver a Bible message to kids with the paint board!!!

This is a win-win for the Kingdom of God. A neighborhood is reached for Christ, and Christians go home to their Church more equipped to be effective ambassadors for Jesus Christ!

The photos really tell the story, so I pray you enjoy these…

Thank you for your prayers, notes of encouragement, and financial support. Without all of those, we could not be reaching the lost for Jesus Christ!

Remember to share Jesus with the Lost wherever you are, because the Lost are wherever you are.

Please feel free to share this with others you think would be encouraged by it, and who will pray!

all for Jesus,


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