Posted on Mar 23 , 2017

Dear praying friends,

I love love love LOVE Subway Ministry!

I remember when I first heard that OAC goes into the subways to evangelize, I was thinking, “Eww, it’s gross down there, and dark, and people aren’t friendly.”

After all these years I’ve learned I was wrong – big time!

Well, it is gross down there (thank God for hand sanitizer!), and sometimes dark. And every once in a while someone acts unfriendly.

But for the most part, Subway Evangelism is some of the most effective ministry we do all year!

God always seems to work so amazingly in the subway. And He seems to bring people from around the world to us.

I’ve also been inviting Christian High Schoolers to be part of the ministry in the subways during their school vacation weeks (in February and April) and it’s been super to see the next generation of the Church get an excitement and vision for reaching the Lost!

I trust that, whether on the streets, or underground, at the beach, or in a housing complex, God will work wherever His Gospel is faithfully preached. And for that, I am grateful!

I want to keep you updated on some of the neat things God has down underground over the past few months. Very exciting stuff!

I’ll let the following photos do the explaining of some of what went on recently.

Please pray for us and those we meet!

In addition to the people in the photos, some other people who stood out are:

  • Miranda: Miranda was a young woman in her 30’s. She opened her heart to me and told me so much about herself. She asked me why God doesn’t give her more money. Not in a greedy way. She clearly had a need. She told me about her young son, and that her own Mother told her to be a Prostitute in order to make money. I listened to her, gave her a hug, and gave her a little money. But I also told Miranda that she needs salvation more than money. We need our sins forgiven. “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36). She asked me to pray for her.

  • Hymen: Eric met and spoke with Hymen a man fighting to recover from heroin addiction. Hymen did testify that he believes that Christ died for his sins.

  • Marique: Marique is a Muslim young man from the Sudan. After talking with Eric about the gospel, he took a pamphlet from a Biblically solid Arabic-speaking Evangelical Church! Praise God!

  • Francisco: Francisco is a young man who identified as an “Atheist.” He told me that he thinks about Eternity every day, but still doesn’t believe in God. I shared some simple Apologetics (proof for God’s existence), and he said he’d think about that because it made sense.

  • Bruce: Sometimes people come right up to us and start the conversation. That’s what happened when Bruce came up to Chris and asked what he was giving out. That lead to a gospel conversation. Bruce told Chris that he thinks he’s good enough to go to Heaven on his own. Chris took him through the commandments to demonstrate that none of us are good enough by God’s perfect standard.

  • Charlie: Charlie is an older Jewish man. He asked me, “You really believe this stuff about Jesus?” and then said, “Why?” What an opportunity! I opened to Isaiah, chapter 53, and had him read it and tell me who he thought it was about. I told him this is about Jesus, and it was written 700 years before Jesus came to earth! And I told him that I’m a Jewish believer in Jesus. I gave him a paper copy of my testimony, entitled, A Jew and His God.

  • Willet: We were praying as a team when Willet approached us, but it was obvious quickly that he wasn’t saved despite thinking he was. He was open to us sharing the gospel of grace and assurance with him, and he took literature from us.

  • Renee: Renee is another example of someone who approached us. She came up to us and admitted that she was a “backslider,” and told us outright that she knew she was in rebellion to Jesus. We pleaded with her to follow Jesus and know Him. We told her, “If you truly know this amazing man, how could you or anyone ever walk away from Him? Could it be that you didn’t know him?” We shared a gospel booklet with her.

  • Korean Family: I don’t know the names of the members of a family from Korea, but God does! Eric tried to talk to them, but it became apparent that they didn’t speak English. But they were soooo happy to receive gospel booklets in Korean, and communicated with their enthusiastic smiles that they appreciated us giving them to them!

  • Grabta: Eric was using a real rat trap in the open air to demonstrate faith. He asks for a volunteer to see if anyone is willing to set off the trap with their own finger. Usually nobody volunteers! But Grabta said he was willing. Eric asked him why he’d trust him, since they’re strangers, and Grabta said, “You have a Bible. I can F*&!@ing trust you.” It made or a remember-able open-air message, for us, and for the crowd too!

  • Anthony: Anthony spoke with Eric for quite some time. Anthony had some Bible knowledge, but it was polluted with other philosophies and religions. When Eric asked him how long it’s been since he read his Bible, Anthony told him, “3 months.” Eric implored him to be in The Word daily.

  • Tom: When I asked Tom what he thought of Eternity, he said he wasn’t sure if there was an afterlife. He said he “hopes so.” He told me that he had already undergone an experimental medical transplant that only one surgeon in the world does. This was because of Cancer. And he recently had open-heart surgery. I told Tom that I was so happy that he’s survived those, but one day we all die. I told him God has been patient with him, keeping him alive through those diseases. He promised me he’d think about the gospel message I shared, and would read the booklet I gave him.

We love you and thank Jesus for you!

Thank you so much for your prayers, financial support, and notes of encouragement, without which we would not be able to reach the Lost for Jesus Christ!

Please contact us anytime and let us know how we can pray for you!

And please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be blessed by it!

For Christ and His gospel,

Mark, Shelby, Vivienne, Juliana, Caleb, and Gabriella

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  1. sandra lombardo

    6 months ago

    I praise God for your faithfulness. Love reading your updates and seeing how God is using you and your team to reach the lost. Thank you! Excited for your new outreach to NH! Bless you!

  2. Mark

    6 months ago

    Sandy, you’re so sweet and encouraging. I thank Jesus for you and your family, and I appreciate your prayers and friendship. God bless you!

  3. Andrew

    6 months ago

    Awesome update Mark. Thanks so much for taking the time to share how God is using you and your family for His Kingdom.

  4. Mark

    6 months ago

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Andrew. I’m blessed to be a part of an awesome team. God bless you, brother.

  5. Alice Corbett

    6 months ago

    Thanks for being a faithful ambassador for the King! Praying for much fruit now and in the future.

  6. Mark

    6 months ago

    Alice, you’re so encouraging! I thank Jesus for you and your beautiful family.

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